Providing a local solution to a global problem.

A Global Problem

The Global Shortage of Sand and Aggregate is a Massive and Growing Problem.

The global shortage of sand is creating substantial environmental and economic challenges. The construction industry alone will require 51.7 billion tonnes of sand and gravel in 2022, twice what the world can provide from traditional sources. The shortfall is forcing extraction from river basins, lakes, beaches and the seabed creating environmental devastation. The resulting construction delays and cost escalations are punitive.

5mm (Birdseye)

5mm Birdseye aggregate is a fine aggregate with a particle size of approximately 5mm. Its inclusion in concrete mixes contributes to workability, texture, and overall performance, making it suitable for various construction applications where a fine finish is desired.

14mm Concrete Aggregate (Torpedo)

14mm concrete aggregate, or Torpedo aggregate, is a coarse aggregate with a particle size of approximately 14mm. Its inclusion in concrete mixes plays a vital role in enhancing strength, load-bearing capacity, and overall durability, making it suitable for various construction applications where a coarse aggregate of this size is specified.

20mm Concrete Aggregate

20mm aggregate plays a crucial role in the construction industry, providing the necessary bulk and strength for concrete used in a variety of structural applications. Its characteristics make it a versatile and widely used material in the field of civil engineering and construction.

C-33 Concrete Sand

Meets the specifications outlined in ASTM C33 for aggregates used in concrete. It plays a critical role in the production of high-quality concrete for construction applications.

Fine Sand

Fine sand is used for plastering, rendering, general mortar mixes and block/brick work.

Cement (General Use Portland Cement)

General use portland cement is suitable for all uses where the special properties of other types are not required.

*Must be pre-ordered

Anchor Grout

High strength silica fume grout.

*Must be pre-ordered

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